This is to inform you on occurence of Bluetongue on three sheep in the Trebinje Municipality. This is the first positive case in Bosnia and Herzegovina after the last recorded case in 2003. 




With this Notice we wish to inform you that non-commercial movement of pets from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the member states of the European Union, accompanied by the owner or a person, who takes responsibility for animals on behalf of the owner, has been prescribed by Regulation (EC) No 998/2003.


Herby we would like to inform you that the Daley of new import requirements is approved this information is for those new import requirements published on web page of Veterinary Office as follows:



We would like to inform you that new import requirements will be in force for collagen and gelatin on March 30th 2014:

2011, a landmark year for the veterinary profession around the world

In 1761, Claude Bourgelat managed to persuade King Louis XV of France of the need to train specialists to treat animal diseases.

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